It’s More Than Just Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Using social media such as Facebook and Twitter to market a business has grown tremendously over the last few years. In fact, most of you reading this probably have a Facebook page or Twitter profile for your business. But like most marketing channels that are easy to Social Media Logosdo-it-yourself, its also easy to do-it-wrong.

Setting up a social media account is the easy part.  Have you thought about what you’re going to say?

Do you have a “Like Us” strategy to go along with your cool new Facebook page?

How will you use these new channels to actually market your business? Do you have a follower strategy to accompany your new found love of Tweeting? Are you aware of the incredible demographic targeting of Facebook PPC campaigns?

Look to the Marketing Type Guys to help you find the answers to these questions!  If you want pragmatic thinking on how to best leverage these new tools, contact us today.