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Marketing Type Guy #1 - Dave is the founder and CEO of Marketing Type Guys, a web design and search engine marketing agency in Conifer, CO.

Local Ranking Factors for 2015

As the new year approaches and our clients are strategizing for 2015, we shared with them the latest factors to keeping their local businesses ranking high in search courtesy

Simple Math on Why You Need Local SEO

As a provider of Local Search Engine Optimization services for home contractors, auto repair shops and restaurants we often get asked, "Why do I need SEO? I have a website

Why We SEO’s Focus on Google

Our brilliant colleagues over at BrightLocal recently did an in depth study regarding the question, "Which search engine gives more page 1 space to local businesses?" And guess what?

Yet Another Google Maps / Places / Plus Update

Important news for local businesses! We've heard news that some business owners are receiving emails from Google requiring them to reverify their listings within three-weeks or their listings will

Hummingbirds, Pandas, Penguins…Oh My!

Google loves to be cute with its product names, even going so far as to name its new phone operating system Kit Kat (with approval from Nestle of course).

Fines Issued Over Fake Online Reviews

If you're familiar with the old German word of Schadenfreude, it's what we're experiencing today reading this news. For years now we've been coaching our clients to not write fake

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