Social Media – Where All the Action Is

#Question –  What should your business be doing on Social Media?

  • How about TikTok? That’s new! Could be, Walmart is interested for a reason.
  • Pinning like mad on Pinterest? Meh, that’s kind of boring now.
  • What about WhatsApp? Don’t spies use that? No, that’s TikTok.
  • I hear Snapchat is popular! It sure is…for secret teenage messaging. (and spies)
  • LinkedIn is all about business, how about there? Maybe, but it’s still just a job website.
  • Google? Hahaha, what Google social media channel? Google+ didn’t really work out. Oh wait, actually they own YouTube, so joke’s on us.

#Answer – Stick to the big guys.
Facebook, Instagram and if you have video content, YouTube.

Pick any one of these three and you’ll be putting your business in front of most U.S. consumers. And by consumers we mean adults (sorry kids).

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