About Dave Peterson

Marketing Type Guy #1 - Dave is the founder and CEO of Marketing Type Guys, a web design and search engine marketing agency in Conifer, CO.

Google Rankings and Relocating a Business

Relocating a business is a stressful event, don't add to this anxiety by losing your hard earned rank in Google's local search results. It takes some doing, but if you [...]

Google Local Search Results Changing Again

Last month Google rolled out an incredibly important update as to how local businesses are displayed within its results pages. Instead of the usual 7-pack of listings that most [...]

SEO Terms We Want Our Clients to Know

I significant part of our job here at Marketing Type Guys is communicating with our clients about their Local SEO Campaigns or Pay-per-Click advertising. The trouble is we often [...]

We’re a BBB Gold Star Winner!

Shameless self-promotion post here... We are pleased to announce that Marketing Type Guys was one of the BBB's 2014 Gold Star Recipients! 2014 BBB Gold Star certificates are awarded to Accredited [...]

Google and Twitter are Married (Again)

It's been a couple of years since Google and Twitter parted ways in search. As of last month though, they are back together. This means in the next few [...]

Google Will Rank Your Site Higher if Mobile Friendly

Well it's official, Google is publicly rewarding websites that are mobile friendly. The reward is two-fold. Most noticeable is the new "Mobile-friendly" label your website receives in the search engine [...]

Local Ranking Factors for 2015

As the new year approaches and our clients are strategizing for 2015, we shared with them the latest factors to keeping their local businesses ranking high in search courtesy [...]

Simple Math on Why You Need Local SEO

As a provider of Local Search Engine Optimization services for home contractors, auto repair shops and restaurants we often get asked, "Why do I need SEO? I have a website [...]

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