google+Our brilliant colleagues over at BrightLocal recently did an in depth study regarding the question, “Which search engine gives more page 1 space to local businesses?”

And guess what?  Google does, and this is why it is a focus of our Local SEO campaigns here at MTG.

In Summary:
With generic keywords (e.g. Plumber, Accountant), Google gives more space on page 1 to local results. In addition to this, Google hands more space to local business websites as well. Google obviously believes that local results and local websites are the best possible ‘answers’ for a generic search term – something which is actually very positive for small businesses, who can better compete against larger sites on generic terms.

Bing & Yahoo give much more space to larger websites. Given that Bing powers Yahoo’s organic results it’s not surprising that the results for both are very similar. However Yahoo is more generous with local results than Bing appears to be.

Here’s a chart that sums up the study:

Why Google is Best for Local SEO

To read this study in full, please visit

Published On: March 18th, 2014 / Categories: SEM News /

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