keyword_richAccording to Bing, no is the answer. Microsoft Bing’s Senior Product Manager, Duane Forrester, wrote this week at the Bing Webmaster Blog that it is only a myth that in today’s ranking algorithms that a keyword rich domain name will make enough of an impact on your rankings to give you a major boost above your competitors. Duane said that maybe “10 years ago” there was some truth to that but today that is not the case. Google has had similar tone to their comments on this subject as well recently.

The domain and keywords in that “domain send less and less” ranking signals to the overall Bing ranking algorithm. Duane said this is a good thing because the other signals can rank sites based on better merits than the words in a domain name plus “it’s better simply because those sites trying to abuse their way to the top with a keyword rich domain and irrelevant or poor content cease to rank well.”

That said, it doesn’t mean having keywords in a domain name is bad. They’re still valuable because they’re easy to spell, easy to remember, and easy to pronounce. In other words they’re great for branding. Read more about search engine optimization or contact us to ask a question any time!

Published On: January 21st, 2014 / Categories: SEM News /

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