We hope you’re doing okay.

Things are challenging right now. With health and financial concerns on top of most people’s minds, running a business is more stressful than its ever been in recent history. Taking care of employees, safely serving clients and carefully managing budgets are probably topping your to-do lists. As they should. Take care of these priorities.

We urge you to also make sure you have a few simple, but important, digital marketing adjustments in place. Do these three things today that your customers are looking for:

  1. Post your Covid-19 safety awareness message to your website. We have examples if you need them.
  2. If they’ve changed, update your Hours of Operation on website, Google, Yelp, etc. Google has added an “Additional Hours” field that you can use if your business hours are in flex.
  3. Use Facebook and/or other social media to show the public you’re alive and well!

Brighter days are coming. Do these three things next month to be ahead of the back-to-business curve.

Despite today’s necessary priorities, don’t lose sight of the future. No matter what tomorrow may look like, history tells us that “this too shall pass” and smart business will be ready when that happens. With that in mind, here are a few things we are encouraging our clients to consider tackling while business is disrupted during Covid-19.

  1. Develop more formal employee/client safety protocol and procedure documents. Odds are that we’ll all be back in business per normal soon, but the virus will still be present in society, so you’ll need to clearly communicate how you are operating safely as part of your SOPs.
  2. Polish up that website. Add new content and update photos showing any new equipment or procedures from step 1 that you’re proud of. This is a great way to show Google, and the world, that your business is up and running while being aware to coronavirus safety. At the very least dedicate some social media time to communicate how you’ve changed/improved your way of conducting business.
  3. Watch for Google Reviews to return. Google currently has reviews turned off for most businesses, but when they do turn back on, respond to some reviews. Log into your Google and Yelp accounts to respond to a few more reviews. Like a website update, this is another signal your customers (and to search engines) that you’re actively in business and addressing their concerns.

We’re here to help.

It’s important to have a responsive digital marketer today and moving forward. Marketing Type Guys prides itself on our 10 years of business in Conifer, CO. If you need a trusted partner, please don’t hesitate to call. We have website maintenance and SEO plans for as little as $195/month and all one-year contracts automatically qualify for a free custom, and SEO-ready, WordPress website.

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