Yesterday Marketing Type Guys installed a security certificate on our domain name and website, giving us a secure web presence at We don’t collect sensitive information on our website so initially this SSL step was viewed as a waste of time and money, but recent statements by Google forced us to change our minds.

Google has now publically stated that, within its Chrome browser, it will begin showing non-SSL (HTTP) web pages with forms that collect sensitive information as “Not Secure” beginning in October of 2017. This change is just the first step in Google’s quest for a more secure internet. Google announced that future releases of Chrome will label HTTP pages as “Not Secure” when browsing in incognito mode. Down the road, Chrome will label all HTTP pages with a red triangle to draw further attention to the unsecure nature of the connection. In other words, if you’re not running a secure site, Google will publically distrust you…and by extension, web users will distrust you. Not good.

We are now strongly encouraging all of our clients do do the same in order to stay ahead of this curve and their competition. The process is not too complicated and the cost is minimal so we hope to have all MTG clients running SSL by the end of the year.

Published On: September 27th, 2017 / Categories: SEM News /