Marketing Type Guys can help with voice search optimization of your business website. In fact, this page is evidence of how we put voice search tactics to work. Try picking up your phone and ask your assistant the question in the title of this page. She’ll send you to our website as a result.

This isn’t magic, this is SEO in action. Voice SEO in fact. We get it. Let us help you!

Voice search has been around for quite a while, but in 2016 began to really pick up steam. Current estimates say 20-25% of all web search conducted on a phone are voice based. If you include the newly popular smart speakers such as Amazon’s Echo, Google’s Home and Apple’s Homepod there are over 1 billion voice searches conducted every month!

If you’ve already invested in good SEO, then chances are you’re probably doing okay in voice search results. Today most good voice results are driven by existing traditional SEO tactics. If you haven’t invested in SEO yet, you may want to get on that. Looking forward to when voice search is dominating how people interact with the internet we see these tactics as being especially important:

  1. Use Schema data mark-up
  2. Develop web content that answers questions
  3. Emphasize your local service areas if applicable


Published On: February 26th, 2018 / Categories: SEM News /