Interesting Observations About The New Google Maps

Google is always changing something it seems, and these days much of its focus is on local search services. Here are some interesting observations that should help our clients succeed with the new Google Maps.

1. Want Traffic From Google Maps? Buy An Ad

Below is a set of map results for “pizza” in Pleasanton, CA. As you can see, the purple & white ads stand out.


There are rarely more than two of these ads, and most searches yield none. Taking control of this inventory could give your business an advantage in the near term.

2. Want Traffic From Your Google Maps Ad? Use The Best Keyword First

The white space in the ad units only displays the first 10-13 or so characters. That means starting your ad copy with words that don’t compel action (like “An East Bay…” above) is probably a waste.

Domino’s Pizza has the right idea by starting out with an offer like “50% Off Any…” which will probably get my “I’ll eat anything that’s cheap” attention. “Free” is another good word to start with.

3. Put Your Name in ALL CAPS

Check out Extreme Pizza up there strutting its bad self.

Thanks to Andrew Shotland, the proprietor of Local SEO Guide, for this bit of research!